INS Revive
версия 0.3.1

Очень известный скрипт ревайва. Сочетающий в себе очень много возможностей.

Support Arma 2, Arma 2 Free, Arma 2 OA, Arma 2 CO, Arma 3 Alpha.
- Support dedicated and local server.
- Support Co-op and PvP missions.
- Support Join-in-progress player.
- Support Ace mod (Arma 2 OA, Arma 2 CO).
- Support various respawn location (vehicle, static).
- Insurgency style dead camera.
- Respawn, Revive, Drag body, Cancel actions.
- Admin reserved slot.
- On JIP Action (Teleport action or Respawn camera).
- On respawn, revert loadout.
- Implemented Virtual Ammobox System v1.4 (Author : Tonic) (modified some codes).
* Fixed load and save functions to aeroson's Loadout functions. (get_loadout 3.0, set_loadout 3.9)
* Optimized load and save listbox display function.
* Added : Backpack restrict option. (and restricted mortar backpacks)
* Changed : When close VAS dialog, automaticaly save loadout for respawn.
- Implemented TAW View Distance Dialog.(Author : Tonic)
- Implemented Personal UAV.(Author: Thomas Ryan, Tweaked by Rarek)
- Implemented Team Killer Lock system v2. (Author : Murcielago)
- Vehicle repiar, unflip, push boat actions
- Player name tag
- Player markers : Server side (Co-Op) or Client side (PvP).
- UAV Briefing
- Manual NV Goggle sensitivity (v0.1.1)
- Compatible with Simple Vehicle Respawn Script (v0.1.3)
- Squad Management (v0.1.7)