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Тема: VCOM AI интеллект ботов касательно вероятностей реакций на события

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    VCOM AI интеллект ботов касательно вероятностей реакций на события

    Название: Vcom AI - Mod
    версия 1.10

    Позволяет определять вероятность реакции ботов на любые события (в том числе вероятности и точности стрельбы в зависимости от типов прицелов и расстояний)

    более полный список ниже

    Varying AI accuracy
    AI accuracy will change depending on the range from the target. The closer the enemy gets, the more quickly they react and fire. This makes close quarters combat still challenging while allowing the AI to miss a few more shots than normal at long distances.

    AI Communication
    AI groups will actually communicate to each other when engaged with enemy forces. It is up to the AI to respond in the way they see fit.

    AI Cover
    AI will attempt to use anything nearby as cover in event of an engagement. If a group is caught in an open field - one might observe some AI suppressing while the others try to find cover.

    Improved Flanking
    The AI will attempt to flank the player from *good positions*. This means they will try to prioritize good terrain/cover areas even if this means falling back. AI will, if given the knowledge, chase players across the map if needed. They will constantly hunt down the players if provoked.

    AI Responsiveness
    AI should respond to threats a lot more quickly, and take cover as a result. If one unit in their squad takes fire they all will go into combat stance. AI that engage and kill a target will scan the area before going back into safe mode. They will not so easily/quickly go back into their default states as vanilla AI

    AI Suppression
    AI can become suppressed. Suppression makes them a bit more inaccurate and will most likely force them to lay down and respond from there.

    Weapon Utilization
    Want the AI to use those gosh darn static bags on their backs? Well now they will! Expect AI to deploy static weapon bags in combat, use them to suppress/cover and then pack back up to move up.
    What about those smoke grenades? The AI will use smoke grenades to protect their retreats, flanks, or when suppressed.
    AI will use satchels/demo charges to clear out buildings if they deem necessary.

    AI will randomly garrison buildings during combat. Of course this is random but you might catch an AI in a building while in combat.
    Putting the AI on a HOLD waypoint will force them to garrison buildings, and move around, in their surroundings instead of standing around like dim-wits.

    The AI will dynamically change their formation depending on the environment. If they are on a hill, and want to all fire down upon an enemy - they will use line formation. In a town, they will most likely use stag. formation. Of course, during combat the formations are not prioritized at all.

    Vehicle Disembarking
    AI will disembark vehicles much before they reach a known enemy. This allows them to position as they see fit before engaging. Helicopters will also automatically unload troops when deemed necessary by the AI.

    Visual Cues
    AI can get knocked "unconscious" for a brief moment. They will roll onto their backs for a few seconds and then roll back into combat when they recollect themselves.
    Shooting AI in the head will destroy their headgear, giving the players nice visual feedback.

    Do you not like the last thing I just said? Well then, turn it off! It is up to the mission makers to customize elements such as that. You can change all the AI accuracy settings/MISC settings to your hearts content.
    You can also dynamically change the AI accuracy settings by simply changing the variable values in-game.

    Editing Flexibility
    The AI will respect mission makers! The AI is designed to be flexible enough to make a difference but not over controlling to the point that missions get ruined. If you put down a squad of AI without a waypoint, they will respond as they see fit. However, if you put down a squad of AI with a hold waypoint, guard waypoint, or any waypoint at all, they will prioritize their current orders and be less likely to support friendlies as a result.

    You can also disable the AI improvements selectively, and on the fly by a simple command.

    Armaholic: ссылка
    BI forums: ссылка
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    Настройка мода

    Important Commands for Customizing AI:
    this setVariable ["NOAI",1,false]; - This will turn off the VCOM AI on the given unit

    //This will make the AI not execute extra waypoint behavior OR respond to calls for help
    this setVariable ["NOPATHING",1,false];

    The following commands go in the init.sqf of a mission:

    //The distance AI will respond to engagements in meters
    VCOM_AIWarnDistance = 1000;

    //Prevent helmets from coming off. 1 is on.
    VCOM_AIHelmet = 0;

    //AI have a chance to get knocked down when shot. 1 is on.
    VCOM_AIKnockingOut = 1;

    //AI using smoke. 1 is on.

    //Will AI use new downing system?
    VCOM_PermaDown = 1;

    //Will AI use artillery if available? 1 is on.
    VCOM_Artillery = 1;

    //These commands can be used to change specific AI or groups.

    this setVariable ["VCOM_Unit_AIWarnDistance",200,false];
    this setVariable ["VCOM_Unit_USESMOKE",1,false];
    this setVariable ["VCOM_Unit_Artillery",0,false];

    //Debug Commands

    //This will make all AI, that get spawned in AFTER this command, be tracked on the map via markers. This command is dangerous. Don't use it on a lot of AI.

    //This will remove all the markers. The more markers, the longer it takes.
    [] call VCOM_EraseMarkers;
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    Видео о моде улучшающем обьезд препятствий ботами


    Исправляет ошибки в вождении ботами техники. Боты теперь не врезаются в препятствия а объезжают их без остановки.

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