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Тема: XM-25 Airbursting Grenade Launcher

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    XM-25 Airbursting Grenade Launcher

    XM-25 Airbursting Grenade Launcher
    Версия 0.24 — обновление от 3 января 2015 г. Разработка ataboo.

    XM-25 — полностью работоспособный 4-х зарядный гранатомет системы Heckler & Koch и Alliant Techsystems.


    • Armaholic
    • BIF — тема выпуска на форуме БИС.


    Главные особенности
    • Основное отличие от других гранатометов — управляемая детонация гранат.
    • Позволяет поражать противника сверху (в окопах и за преградами).
    • В реальности, с ним идет встроенный тепловизор для противоснайперской работы и поиска целей ночью.

    Дополнительно [EN]

    • Adds the XM-25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System; an air-bursting grenade launcher. The launcher includes scripts that range with the on-board laser and calculate the round drop and adjust the targetting reticle in the scope.
      • Center dot is bore to ranging laser.
      • LCDs above bore dot indicate laser range.
      • LCD Display on center right indicates burst range.
      • Display above that shows angle below bore and a star when laser ranging active.

      • L — toggles laser ranging mode
      • PgUp — increases burst range
      • PgDn — decreases burst range
      • Hold*Shift — coarse range adjustment
      • +/ - (numpad) — crosshair adjustmet with zoom

      HUD diagram
      The HUD/Crosshairs are only accurate when Interface Size is set to "Large".

      • XM-25 Grenade Launcher with attached scope
      • 4 Round HEAB (High Explosive Air Burst) Magazine

      • 0.2
      • Airbursts with hud settings.
      • Using Kaybar animations
      • Laser is not it's own acc
      • Reticle is stock NLAW
      • Hands positioned so face not in stock

      • Added scripts to PBO
      • Added hudSet vs hudLas lcd displays
      • Removed nlaw reticle
      • Height calc crosshair works better

      • Added res/shadowLODs
      • Added round to magazine model
      • Fixed C to D problem with geometry LOD
      • Improved LCD digit textures
      • Added LCD digits for rad/deg indicator
      • Added star "laser active" indicator by angle digits
      • Added BiKey and released to public
      • Added reticle adjust on high zoom

      • Adjusted Textures/Materials a bit
      • Reduced airburst damage

        TO FIX
      • Textures/materials will be improved
      • NVG visible IR laser isn't necessarily synced with ranging yet
      • Laser ranges to center of object when not over terrain (not as accurate) probably won't change

      • ATA_XM25_F — Grenade Rifle with attached scope.
      • ATA_4Rnd_HE_25mm — 4 round Air Bursting magazine.

      The PBO and Sign files in the archive need to be extracted into your ArmA/Addons folder. However, the mod folder method is a better solution. Copy the following URL into your browser to view the Mod Folder Tutorial:
      • http://tinyurl.com/armamodfolder
      • Add "null*=*execVM*"\ATA_xm25\scripts\ATA_Hud_Start.sqf";" to init in mission to make the airburst/scope work.
      • Set Interface Size to "Large" in Video Options

      The well kept wiki and forums.

      I take no responsibility for (im)possible damage to your game/system that may be caused by installation of this addon. This addon is prohibited from use in any commercial product.

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